Complementary mineral feed for ruminants suitable in organic farming.

POLIGREEN is a mineral complementary feed specific for dry period and young animals, formulated to cover the needs in macro and microelements, containing natural plant derivatives and yeast with vitaminizing and immunostimulant activity.

In particular, POLIGREEN provides: grape polyphenols and selenium in organic form, with high antioxidant activity that counteracts the effects of oxidative stress; beta-glucans, derivatives of the yeast cell wall, which support the immune system; mannanoligosaccharides, constituents of the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which act on the good digestive tract health, with a preventive action, by selective binding, of different pathogenic bacteria.

POLIGREEN used during pregnancy plays a fundamental role in improvement of colostrum quality in terms of immunoglobulins (passive immunity transfer).

It can also help improves the antibody response during vaccination.

CODE: GS006X25

PACKAGING: 25 kg bag powder



Dry cows and water buffaloes 150-200 g/head/day, dry sheep and goats 10-20 g/head/day, Heifers 100-150 g/head/day