Passion for quality

Our passion for quality has always distinguished us in the livestock sector for the high standards of our products and for the services offered.

This allowed us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers’ expectations in respect of animal health and welfare.

  • Raw materials Selection and Suppliers

  • Monitoring

  • Analysis

  • Traceability

Raw materials selection and suppliers

Vitasol makes a careful selection of the raw materials used and of the suppliers that are qualified and controlled through a rigid evaluation system to ensure qualitative supplies.


Vitasol periodically defines and implements complete and detailed monitoring programs for all processes, from raw materials to the finished product, based on the HACCP method.


The finished products and raw materials are continuously monitored, according to both their self-monitoring system and through biological and microbiological chemical analyses, performed by accredited laboratories operating according ISO 17025 standard.


Vitasol performs accurate and accessible records of all raw materials, production batches and deliveries, allowing quick traceability of the information relating to each processing step.