Today it is recognized by everybody that using yeasts in the animal feeding brings benefits to their health and to production’s quality and volumes.

It is also known that yeasts are not all the same, neither as contents, nor as results, nor as costs.

For this reason, it is necessary to know them very well in order to choose the most suitable one allowing to obtain the expected results.

Vitasol founded its market reality on the study and knowledge of yeasts.

In particular, Vitasol was the first in Italy to use live yeasts in the feeding of dairy cows.

Today it presents to the market product lines based on yeasts that are continuously updated according to the evolution of the specific technology.

Since simply offering products containing yeasts is not enough, we study, experiment, compare.

This is the culture of yeasts, this is the basis of the innovation and dynamics of Vitasol’s activity in favor of farmers and their productive results.

Vitasol uses in its products the dried yeast treated with U.V. “VITALIEVIT® D” produced exclusively by Vitasol (Patent for industrial invention n ° 0001427998).

Exposure to U.V. transforms the ergosterol naturally present in yeast, in its activated form (ergocalciferol), fundamental for calcium absorption and for the correct development and strengthening of the skeletal apparatus of animals.

Therefore, we can declare that VITALIEVIT® D is the only yeast bringing natural Vitamin D on the market.

Furthermore VITALIEVIT® D contains the B complex vitamins and is a natural concentrate of essential amino acids.

It is important to point out that this content is not altered by the treatment to which the yeast is subjected.

VITALIEVIT® D, which in 2012 was recognized by the European Community as a raw material in the EU register, is treated in the plant located at Castenedolo headquarter, through a special technological process protected by an industrial patent.

Today Vitasol offers product lines that contain VITALIEVI®T D which are characterized by high technology, thanks to constant studies and research for product innovation.