The European Union directives require the reduction antibiotic use as an “European strategy for animal health“.

Even the World Health Organization considers the antibiotic resistance phenomenon as a serious and great threat to human health.
To meet the regulatory requirements, Vitasol’s choice is to support farmers through an integrated approach that aims to PREVENTION through NUTRITION, ANIMAL WELFARE, BIOSAFETY.

Thanks to the Research and Development activities, in comparison with the university and farmers, Vitasol has developed a new innovative line of complementary feeds named PROGRESS, that meet the new regulatory, nutritional and environmental requirements (antibiotic free, animal welfare, low emission), always keeping the ideal of animal welfare distinguishing us.

Products from PROGRESS line are featured by ”high technology” because they contain innovative raw materials and additives.
In particular, all the products of the PROGRESS line have followed a path of formulation, development and experimentation according to a rigorous scientific approach that has provided field tests to measure the products’ effectiveness.