A family company

Since 1943

Since 1943 Vitasol develops multivitamin complexes based on yeasts to satisfy the nutritional needs of animals and to support their welfare starting from the extraordinary discovery of “VITALIEVIT® D” dried yeast treated with U.V. produced exclusively by Vitasol.


Vitasol’s mission has always been to improve animal welfare through the development of optimal products for each stage of life and for specific problems of different animals.

Giving health to life

It is our way to express our dedication and passion for animal welfare.

Over 75 years of research and development activity dedicated to animal feeding allow Vitasol to offer a wide range of products able to improve animal welfare and productive performance, with proven results recognized by the market.

A precision integration

Our intervention starts from the targeted study of the ration in the different stages of breeding, according to a rigorous work method, which focuses on the optimization of animal nutrition and their well-being.

We try to satisfy our customers thanks to our specialization in animal nutrition, the quality of our products, the innovation of our research and development activities, the professionalism of our technicians, collaborators and employees.

Over the years Vitasol has established partnerships with leading European companies as exclusive dealer in Italy for innovative product lines in order to have a continuous exchange of advanced technologies to face market challenges.

Vitasol has also has enriched the classic complementary feed lines for livestock with products for the rural world such as feed for dogs and for birds, rat poison and insecticides, etc.

Today Vitasol ranks among the most important Italian companies in the production of premixes, additives and complementary feeds, to respond to the various problems and needs of small and large farms of all animal species.

Strength points

Commercial network

Today Vitasol can rely on the national territory of a commercial network composed by over 40 sellers and a technical service offered by numerous professionals specialized in providing farmers with the best advice for production optimization.







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