Constant research for new technologies

Vitasol has always believed in innovation, investing in experimenting with new ideas and new products.

This activity is based on a continuous learning process, in which innovative solutions are developed and tested to offer them to our customers as strategic and fundamental levers for their success.

Vitasol’s research activities use of the most advanced experimentation technologies, to verify the answers of the products in their different applications with maximum precision.

Thanks to the research carried out over the years and in continuous development, Vitasol can boast a wide and deep know-how indispensable to offer our customers solutions with an innovative vision.


We constantly interface with research centers and universities, we employ peer reviewed studies and international scientific literature, we collaborate with health authorities, we cooperate with accredited laboratories

Opinion leader

Thanks to the primacy of quality and the offered services recognized by the market, we have the chance to share ideas daily with opinion leaders such as feed industries, farms, consultants and suppliers who represent an absolute excellence.


A fundamental component of the research takes place in the partner farms for the experiments, where the products are tested and compared in real conditions of use, according to an accurate protocol, a rigorous and scientific approach and a constant and meticulous monitoring by our technicians.

Control laboratories

Finally, thanks to the collaboration with certified analysis laboratories, we carry out qualitative-quantitative, microbiological and instrumental chemical analyses, fundamental to understand the results of the experiments for the setup and development of new products.