Some of the breeders choosing Vitasol products

Roberto Defendi

Company: Az. Agr. ALMA
Type: Feed factory and pig breeder
Location: Montiglio Monferrato (AT)

For the production of our feed we use Vitasol products which represent a guarantee of quality.

Furthermore the technical support guarantees us the best results.

Luciano Tolenti

Company: Colombarola Agricultural Company
Type: Breeding of dairy cows Parmigiano Reggiano
Location: Busseto (PR)

The key to success does not exist, but the desire and the twenty-year commitment to always improve do, along with particular attention to animal welfare through the application of hygiene and biosecurity protocols.

A qualified nutritional assistance and the constant search for quality make VITASOL my ideal partner.

Simone Grappiolo

Company: Simone Grappiolo Agricultural Company
Type: Breeding of “Roccaverano” and “Camosciata” goats
Location: Roccaverano (AT)

President of the Caprini Breeders’s Regional Section

To enhance my products and to preserve the local agricultural system, my priority is to achieve the highest possible quality standard.

Thanks to Vitasol products my animals have high quality performances, allowing me to obtain dairy products having an extraordinary taste.

Claudio Pattarozzi

Company: Dragone Agricultural Cooperative
Type: Feed factory
Location: Pavullo Nel Frignano (MO)

Since 1962 the Dragone cooperative is dedicated to the production of integrated compound feed for farms breeding dairy cows for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese production.

Our priorities are product quality and customer service.

We found in Vitasol the ideal partner to meet the needs of our members in the best possible way.

Mariano Poto

Company: Az.Agricola Nuova San Cesareo Eredi di Vincenzo Maraio
Type: Buffalo Breeding
Location: Borgo San Cesareo Albanella (SA)

Through a careful and balanced ration with the use of WHITE FAT, I managed to improve the productive performance of my buffaloes, increasing not only the quantity of milk produced but also the fat content. With the use of REGINA 1:3 we have also intervened on the dry phase by decreasing the number of dystocic births and improving the production recovery of animals, much faster!


Company: Azienda Agricola Serena
Type: Breeding beef cattle – French breeding store
Location: Castelnovo Bariano (RO)

Constance in technical assistance and formulation of tailor-made products for our company, have allowed us to improve the daily weight gains of our beef.

I am satisfied with the results we are getting and the services offered by Vitasol

Fabio e Sergio Nicolini

Company: Nicolini Angelo, Fabio e Sergio S.S.
Type: Breeding of dairy cows Grana Padano DOP
Location: Montichiari (BS)

The quality of our milk and our herd’s health represent the essence of our company.

Vitasol, thanks to its highly qualified technical assistance and the formulation of customized premix specific to our needs, supports us daily to reach our goals.

Gabriele Francinelli

Company: Az. Agr. Francinelli Gabriele
Type: Breeding of camosciate milk goats
Location: Vallio Terme (BS)

Vitasol’s continuous research for innovative nutritional solutions for goat breeding has opened new ways in the reproduction’s management with products aiming to improve fertility and reduce some oligo-vitamin deficiency status.

Investing in nutrition with a personalized program and right technical assistance, leads to higher welfare and productivity.