Complementary mineral feed for ruminants suitable in organic farming.

B.O. MIX is a complementary mineral feed complete with live yeast cells, vitamin E, mineral salts and buffer substances necessary for the lactation phase.

In particular, the product contains: vitamin E authorized in the organic supply chain with an important antioxidant action that reduces the negatives effects of oxidative stress; calcium and phosphorus in balanced ratio; sodium bicarbonate to reduce acidosis thanks to its ruminal buffer activity; live yeast cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which stabilize rumen pH, promotes the development of bacteria cellulolytic (S.ruminantium), improving the degradability of the fiber and stimulating the intake of dry substance; inactivated yeast, source of B vitamins and essential amino acids.

CODE: GS006X25

PACKAGING: 25 kg bag powder



Dairy cows 400-500 g/head/day, dairy sheep 40-60 g/head/day, dairy goats 50-80 g/head/day.