Feed material for all animal species suitable in organic farming based on VITALIEVIT® D.

VITALIEVIT® D is a irradiated brewer’s yeast treated with UV rays, produced exclusively by Vitasol (Patent n ° 0001427998).

Exposure to UV rays transform ergosterol, naturally present in yeast, in its activated form (ergocalciferol), fundamental for the calcium absorption.

VITALIEVIT® In addition to the content of B-complex vitamins, it is also interested as natural concentrate of essential amino acids. This content is not altered by the irradiation treatment.

CODE: GS001X25

PACKAGING: sacco da 25 kg polvere


Every 100 kg of feed
Dairy cows and water buffaloes 0.5-1 kg, beef cattle 0.4-0.8 kg, sheep and goats 0.5-1 kg, poultry 0.3-0.6 kg, pigs 0.25-0.6 kg, horses 0.4-0.8 kg