Complementary mineral feed for ruminants suitable in organic farming.

DAIRY VITA GREEN is a complementary feed with a particular composition based on: Brewer’s yeast source of proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, B vitamins, glutamic acid and enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism; vitamin E authorized in the organic supply chain with an important antioxidant action that counteracts the negative effects of free radicals.

Its deficiency can lead to reproductive disorders and growth delays; complex of trace elements that enter as constituents of many enzymes and hormones necessary for normal vital functions.

In particular, zinc and manganese are indispensable for cell integrity epithelial and bone tissue, for protein synthesis and immune functions; selenium enhances the action of vitamin E, often lacking in the foods of the animal diet.

CODE: GS004X25

PACKAGING: 25 kg bag powder



Dairy cows and water buffaloes 30-50 g/head/day, dry cows and water buffaloes 20-30 g/head/day, cattle for fattening 20-30 g/head/day.