Complementary feed containing two different live yeast strains and Aspergillus oryzae and niger to improve diet digestibility and stabilize rumen microflora and fermentation.

Especially, it includes irradiated brewer’s yeast “VITALIEVIT D®, produced exclusively by Vitasol (patent n° 0001427998), for natural vitamin enrichment, that improve development and fortification of bones, and B group vitamins.

CODE: VC022 (Powder) VC055 (Pellet)

Instructions for Use

Feeding Recommendation:
Dairy cows 50-100 g/head/day, heifers 15-30 g/head/day.
Fattening calves 20-25 g/head/day, steers 30-40 g/head/day.
Water buffaloes 50-100g/head/day, heifers 15-30 g/head/day.
Dairy sheep and goats 5-10 g/head/day.