Complementary feed based on Brewers’ yeast, irradiated and not irradiated, vitamin B12 and methionine.

Moreover, it includes irradiated Brewers’ yeast (VITALIEVIT D®), produced through patented process (Vitasol patent n°0001427998), which turns yeast’s ergosterol in high absorption form of vitamin D (ergocalciferol), improves bone calcification. The methionine preserves liver function and reduces lipid accumulation in the liver.


PACKAGING: 25 kg bag

Instructions for Use

Feeding Recommendation:
Dairy cows 50-100 g/head/day.
Beef cattle 20-50 g/head/day.
Water buffaloes 50-100 g/head/day.
Dairy sheep and goats 5-10 g/head/day.