Complementary feed for all breeding phase containing irradiated brewers’ yeast, produced through a patented process, natural source of vitamin. The Vitamin D controls calcium metabolism and is fundamental for calcium and phosphorus absorptions in bones.

It also contains vitamin A that improves growth and body development, and vitamin E with a high antioxidant activity that reduces negative effects of oxidative stress and improves meat quality. Moreover, the high amount of zinc improves skin health and prevents inflammatory disease of the feet.

CODE: 0B007

PACKAGING: 25 kg bag


Instructions for Use

Feeding Recommendation: mix properly every 100 kg of complete feed in the rate of: broilers 1° period0.5-1 kg, broilers 2° period0.4-0.8 kg, turkeys 1° and 2° period 0.5-1 kg, turkeys 3° and 4° period0.5-1 kg.