Complementary feed for ruminant rumen reactivators.

  • WITH VITALIEVIT D® (22.000 mg/kg)


DIGESTANT is a complementary feed for ruminants having a reduced, almost absent, ruminal activity and therefore unable to feed properly and to cover daily nutritional needs.

Thanks to the significant presence of two different strains of live yeast (totaling 13,000 bn/kg), it favors a recovery of ruminal activity, optimizing ruminal fermentations. It also has an antichetotic action thanks to Vitamin PP content, regulating fatty acid metabolism.

In particular it contains dried beer yeast treated with U.V. *VITALIEVIT D® produced exclusively by Vitasol, source of natural Vitamin D, in addition to B vitamins for a better assimilation of nutrients.

*VITALIEVIT D brevetto n°0001427998

Instructions for use:

Recommended daily amount per head: Dairy Cows 25-30 g • Beef Cattle 20-25 g • Weaning Calves 15-20 g • Dairy Cows with reduced ruminal motility: 100 g 2 times a day for 3 or more days.