Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver Oil for all animal species.



Cod liver oil naturally contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D, making it particularly suitable for improving fertility and supporting a correct skeletal system’s development.

It also supplies polyunsaturated fat acids (Omega 3) performing an important anti-inflammatory action and support the immune system, as well as being a conspicuous source of energy.

Instructions for use

For all animal species: Puppies 2,5 ml • Dogs 5 ml • Cats 5 ml • Horses 50 ml • Foals 20 ml • Mares 60 ml • Poultry and Rabbits 10 ml per kg of complete feed • Small Birds (larks, finches, bats etc.) and Large Birds (thrushes, chesens, blackbirds, etc.) size 10/15 ml per kg of complete feed.