Complementary feed for dairy cows. It contains two different strains of live yeasts which bring several benefits: stabilizes ruminal pH and reduces acidosis risk; creates a suitable environment for development of cellulolytic bacteria (S.ruminantium), improves fiber degradability and increases feed intake.

Moreover, inactivated yeasts provide high biological value proteins, essential aminoacids and group B vitamins that improves animals’ performances.


PACKAGING: 25 kg bag

Instructions for Use

Feeding Recommendation:
Dairy cows 50-100 g/head/day, heifers 15-30 g/head/day.
Beef cattle 20-25 g/head/day, steers 30-40 g/head/day.
Water buffaloes 50-100 g/head/day, heifers 15-30 g/head/day.
Dairy sheep and goats 5-10g/head/day.