Complementary feed for beef cattle based on polyphenols, organic selenium and chelated zinc, indicated to support animals in stress situation.

The polyphenols, extracted from hydrolyzed lignocellulose, perform different positive actions, in particular in gut, where they limit the proliferation of pathogen such as bacteria and parasites (coccidia), improving mucosal integrity and preserving gut microbiota.

The association of natural extracts, vitamin E rumen protected and trace elements in organic form and chelated, increase and support antioxidant defenses.



Instructions for Use

Feeding Recommendation:
Store cattle 80-100 g/head/day, finishing beef cattle 60 g/head/day.
Dairy sheep and goats 40-50 g/head/day, lambs 20-30 g/head/day.
Calves at weaning 40-50 g/head/day.